Saturday January 20, 2017 10:00 A.M.

Auction Location: 627 Market Street Portis, KSGet Directions

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Over 50 Guns! Open Friday Jan. 19 from 9 - 5


1- Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun #111 Model 40
2- Daisy Powerline 45 CO2 Pistol
3- Daisy #72 Squirt o Matic
4- New England Fire Arms 410 SN 239024 NIB
5- Remington Smoot #1 Revolver
6- 1895 Mauser SN 4802
7- High Standard Sentinel 22 SN 1285890
8- Stevens Model 311C s/s 12ga.
9- Smith & Wesson Model 1 3rd Issue SN 84008
10- Marlin Model 80 22cal.
11- Smith & Wesson Model 1 2nd Issue SN 81321
12- Amadeo Rossi Model 11 Coach 12 ga. Sxs SN 99350
13- Colt Government Model MK IV Series 70 SN 61276B70
14- Remington Smoot #1 Revolver
15- Remington Model 870 Police 12 ga. SN 462912
16- Marlin XXX Standard 1872 30cal. SN 128
17- Remington Model 870 Wingmaster 12ga VRB SN 293097 NIB
18- Beretta Model 950 BS 22 short SN BER13380T
19- Charter Arms Police- Bulldog 38 spec. SN 81549 NIB
20- Dan Wesson Arms 357 SN 346005
21- D. Williamson & Moores 36 cal. SN 11217
22- Raven Arms MP-25 SN 655178
23- Ruger Security Six 357 mag. SN 155-69313
24- Colt 45 Model 1917 US Army #132531 SN 282497
25- Colt Match Target 223 SN CMH00370
26- Remington Model 11 SN 356962
27- Savage Model 110 243 w/ Bushnell Scope SN 6573149
28- Browning A5 Bel 12ga. SN 373044
29- Winchester 100 243 SN 145948
30- Browning A5 LT 12ga. SN 04830NW211
31- Remington Model 7400 243 SN C8063405
32- Browning A5 20ga. SN C11461
33- Savage 99 22HP SN 166113
34- Remington Sportsman 58 12ga. SN 132170V
35- Remington 740 280 Rem SN 209099
36- Remington 11-48 12ga. SN 5073594
37- Winchester 70 PRC-64 270 SN 87680
38- Browning A5 Bel 12ga. SN 205801
39- Remington 700 220 Swift SN C6833927
40- Marlin 1889 38-40 SN 46252
41- Remington Model 12 22LR SN 129145
42- Winchester 1895 Carb 30 US Army SN 10825
43- Savage 99E 243 SN 1125821
44- Remington 81 300 Sav SN 43789
45- Remington 12A 22LR SN 530506
46- Winchester 1895 30 US SN 22853
47- Mossberg 500 410 SN 50105 NIB
48- Remington 14A .25 Rem SN 39882
49- Colt DA 38 SN 161673
50- Remington Nylon 66 22LR SN 2237571
51- Winchester 1895 Carbine 30US SN 103780
52- Colt Army Special 32-20 SN 508706
53- Winchester 63 22LR SN 103121
54- Smith & Wesson 57 41 Mac SN 15795
55- Winchester 1873 SRC 44WRF SN 216496
56- Colt Woodsman 22LR SN 24320-S


40 Drawer Octagon Bolt Cabinet
Humpback Trunk
Small Glassfront Cabinets
10 Drawer Letter Cabinet
Slantfront Showcase
Dr. David’s Slantfront Table Top Showcase (nice)
Table Top Showcase w/ Cash Drawer & Locking Mechanism
(2) 6 Drawer J&P Coats Spool Cabinets
Macy 3 Stepback Bookcase
Wooden High Chair
Glassfront Bookcase
Nice Gate Legged Harvest Table
Table Top Victrola and Record Cabinet
Wainscoating Cabinet
Wicker Stroller
Rocking Chair
Very Unusual Willows Refrierators
48” C Roll Desk
5 Drawer Highboy
Metal Dr. Cabinet
Dropfront Dresser
Dry Sink
Large Buffet
Stick & Ball Cabinet Jos. Kinllel Showcase
Columbia Healing Powder Cabinet

PICTURES including:

Adv. Chain Pictures ( Keys Clothing, Beloit
Aldridge Dry Goods Kingman, Ks
Thompson, Gretna, Ks
Winchester Rifles (damage)
G.F. Thaemert Sylvan Grove, Ks
Exchange National Bank Osborne, KS
Doughty Lumber Harper, Ks
Penokee State Bank Penokee, Ks
Bentley Auto Bentley, Ks
Lone Wolf
Mickey Mouse Picture Cubes
Budweiser Adv. Picture
Early C.M. Russell “Waiting for a Chinook”
The Five Senses
Glossy Picture of Movie Scenes and Stars
Story in Stone
Prairie Thunder by Samy W Moee
Child Feeding Geese
Children Burying Rabbit
Western Pictures by P.E. Rinar
Hopi Painting
Copper Picture
Old Baseball Photo
Native American Threads
The Desert NPS


Land O Lakes, Anheuser-Bush, and Coke Trays
Match and Toothpick Holders
1877 Horse Owners Guide Sign
Rt. 66 Sign
Pratts Adv. Round Box
Bartloliomew Pottery
Poka Dot Nesting Bowls
Fiesta Nesting Bowls and Carafe’
Brass School Bell
Candle Molds
John Scott Creations
String Holder
Curtiss Chicos Spanish Peanut Jar
Moormans Egg Basket
Open Lace Westmoreland Bowl
Thousand Lines Relish Plate
Fancy Wall Comb Case
Chuck Berry Bill Board
Cast Iron 21” Skillet
Old Wooden Store Sign (rough)
Cast Iron Cross
Weathervanes inc/ Hog, Cow, Horse & Painted Rooster
Large Brass Bucket
Winchester Grain Bucket
Henery Troemner Scale
Early Trencher and Bread Bowls
Blackman Med Salt Brick Display
Tobacco tin
Biscuit Jar
Webster & Rices Seed Boxes
Short Tail Horse Windmill Weight
Fairbury Bull Windmill Weight
Tastemark Creamers and Carrier
tin Sign
Granite Spittoon
Jars and Wire Carrier
Muehlebaghs Tray & Tiptray
Salesman Sample #600 Hanks Stove Co., Rome Ga
John Wright CI Teapot
Southwestern Glasses and Carrier
Wilbur Coating Pan
Post Office Box Banks
Aunt Jemima We Needs Board
Early Crock Milk Pitcher
Purina Cow Chow Scale Brass
1938 Life Magazines
Hopalong Cassidy Game (1950)
Ramon’s Brownie Pills Thermometer
Illinois Poultry Box
1934 Black Sambo Game Board
Ken-L-Ration Thermometer
Apothacary Jars
Milk Jar
Brown Crock Jug
Small Coke Cooler w/ Opener
Stetson 5x 7 3/8 Hat and Box
Dads Cookie Jar
The Fort Hays Game
Candy Display
Paper Mache Animals
Hays 1922 and Other Calendar Tops
Chicago World’s Fair Tip Tray (1933)
Joseph Nauert Tip Tray ( Quincy, Ill)
Planters Peanut Jar
Whimsical Popsicle Light
Small Showcase
Motion Light
Old Leather Fire Bucket
Bookends inc/ Spirit of 76, Lincoln Mem (B&H), American Bison (1930), Abe Lincoln, Pointers Dogs, Basket of Flowers (B&H), The Fisherman, Art Nouveau (824)
1879 & Bear Head Inkwells
Wabash RR Oilers
National Cash Register 63284
Grape and Cherry Syrup Dispensers
Jacksonville Dairy Bottles and Carrier
Doorstops inc/ Dog “A”, The Viking “B&H”, Elephant “Davison Co.#12”
15 ½” Delft Platters
Dryden Planters
Chalk Horses
Butter Stamps
Wesson Beater Jar
Stove & Wagner Child’s Sets
Mortar and Pedestals (asst. sizes)
Henry Perdew Duck Decoys
Hamilton Beach Malt Maker
Water Bottles and Carrier
Trade Cards
Standard Oil Bottles
Old Dr. Pepper Sign
Brass Fairbank Scale
Tote Tray
Old Brown bottles
Pepsi Bottle Cases
Nice assortment of Pocket Mirrors
Schick Shaver Display
Poultry Tins
Ramon’s Little Dr. Jar
Cryoniod Stems & Sprifier
Pep Pins
DeLaval Guernsey & Airshire Cows and Calves
5 & 10 gal. Brown Crocks
Copper Still
#800 The Chas Parker Co. Coffee Mill
Art Nouvea Lamp
Coors and Fallstaff Neon Signs
CI Anti Air Craft Gun
Match safe (Hastings, NE)
Banks inc/ Indian w/ Tomahawk, Cat on A Tub, WWI Dough Boy, 2 Faced Black Boy, Bear Stealing a Pig, Turkey , Captain Kidd, Roosevelt on a Horse, Statue of Lib,
SS Spoons inc/ Wheeling, WV, SpokeKan Bridge, Estes Opark, Masonic Temple, Chicago 1901 Worlds Fair and Others
CI Barn and Animals
Spice Box
AT&SFRR Car Step
(2) Mechanical Banks Beich Candy Jar
Davey Crocket 3 Piece Set
Kentucky Fried Chicken Light Blobe
Handblown Wine Jar w/ Keyed Lid
Sunshine Biscuit Tin
Colored Alum Bowls and Sherberts
Henderson Foot Warmer
Apolla Ware
Statue Art Bronze P.T. Barnum’s “Jumbo” 10 ½ “
Dinner Bell
Ringling Bros & Barnum & Bailey Poster
Carolina Rooster Sign
Griesedick Bros. Beer
1919 Soldier’s Discharge
Cigar Humidifier
1900 Store Display John Best Whip Holder
Apache Basket by Veleeta Heuy
Native American Threads
Eagle Door Stop
Indian Pottery Signed LM
Indian Books
Pevely Moo-Moo Bank
Genuine Signed Ivory Netsuke “Man on 2 Fish “ & Others
Indian Pottery Signed Velia Mora
Indian Points and Arrows
Horn Art
Shirley Temple Dolls “Bright Eyhes”, “Curly Top” & “Little Princess”
Lightning Rods
Mechanical Banks ( Creedmore & Stevens and Always Did Spise a Mule)


Farrier Tools (some bone handled)
Rope Twister
Bow Saws
Sam James Raven Decoys
Keen Kutter Minnow Bucket
Horn Art
Military Safe Box
Case and Winchester Knives
Antler Handled Knives Made by Pete V.
Small Anvil
12’ Snake Skin
Buggy Shafts
Calf Weaner
Brass Nucks
Leg Shackles
Heart Shaped Lock
Hames and Collar Mirror
Garcia King Fisher Reel
Display of Hoof Knives
Deer Horns
Replica Dress Swords
Turkey Federation Lamp
US Holster
Gloeker Hog Hanger
Cow Hide
Long Horns
Wooden Indian

GUNS will sell at 1:00 P.M. including:

Daisy Power Line 45
Rossi The Overland 20 ga.
Colt MXIV/Series 70 .45
Daisy #72 Squirt O Matic
SW Model 1 2nd Issue 22 short
High Standard Sentinel 22cal
(2) Rem. Smoot #1 30 cal.
1895 Mauser Manf. Loeve, Berlin
Rem. 870 Wingmaster NIB 12ga.
Rem 870 Police Nig 12 ga. 20”
Dasy BB #111 Model 40 RR
Stevens Model 311C SS 12ga.
Marlin Model 30 22 cal.
New England Model SB1 NIB 410 ga.
SW Model 1 3rd Issue 32cal.
Beretta Model 950 BS 22short
Charter Arms Police-Bulldog NIB 38 sp.
Colt 45 Model 1917 Army #132531 45 cal.
Marlin XXX Stabndard 1872 SN 128 30 cal.
Dan Wesson Arms 357 mag. SN346005
Ruger Security Six 357 mag.
D.d Williamson & Moores 36 cal. SN 11217
Raven MP-25 SN 655178 25 auto.
Rem Model 58 12 ga.s
Rem 11-48 12 ga.
Rem 11 12ga.
Rem 7400 243
Rem 740 280 Rem
Rem 700 220 Swift
Rem 81 300 SAV
Rem 14A 25 Rem
Rem 12A 22LR
Rem Nylon66 22LR
Sav 99 22 HP
Sav 99c 243
Sav 110 243
(2) Browning A5 BEL 12ga.
Browning A5 LT 12 ga.
Browning A5 20ga.
Win 100 243
Win 70 PRC-64 270
Win 1873 SRC 44WRF
Win 1895 30US
Win 1895 Carb 30 US Army
Win 1895 Carb 30 US
Win 63 22 LR
Colt Woodsman 22LR
Colt Match Target 223
Colt Army Special 32-2-
Colt D.A. 38
Marlin 1889 38-40
Mosssbert 500 410
S&W 57 41MAC
Ammo inc/ 12 ga, . 25 auto, .45, .22, .32 S&W, 9 MM luger, 7 MM, .357, .45 auto, .38 sp.